What It Takes for Good Keyword Research in 2015

Learn What It Takes for Good Keyword Research in 2015

A lot of people are asking if keywords are still relevant in 2015, and the short answer is, yes. Keywords still form a critical piece in online marketing, no matter the medium, whether for ranking pages on your site or blog, videos, imagery, paid search or elsewhere, so keyword research is one of the most important items you’ll want to keep in mind when planning your web content.

Keywords are still the primary way Google classifies your content, whether that’s in the form of web page, blog post, video or you name it. Google’s ranking algorithm takes into account how well you are optimized for the particular keywords, and ranks you in the search results accordingly. For this reason it’s imperative to be sure we are targeting the proper keyword from the outset.

To help with that, let’s have a look at 5 items you’ll need to consider as you choose the keywords for your content.

5 Things to think about when doing keyword research

Know how you’ll be using them Have a plan for how you will use the keywords. As stated before, they can be of tremendous value of any type of web content, even visual.

Identify common keywords in your niche Off the top of your head, you ought to be able to come up with a set of basic keywords to begin your research with, just by checking out the content in your chosen niche or market.

Take a glance at your competition This can be done with the help of tools, or again by having a close look at their pages. Check under the hood for title tags, page descriptions and keyword tags, if they used them.

Employ tools to help do the work Luckily for us there are lots of keyword research tools out there, many of them sport a free version, such as the Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, and Keywordtool.io.

Discover the intent Now comes the challenging part, where you actually have to use your brain. The best keywords are those that people are searching on with the intent to take action. This usually isn’t the keywords everyone else is using. This is where you take your list, and try to get inside the mind of the searcher and discover their intent. Doing this will help you outshine your competition quickly!

Luke Harlan
Marketing Strategist

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