Marketing Website Mistakes To Look Out For

Top 15 Marketing Website Mistakes

The Difference between a Brochure Website and a Marketing Website.

The former is basically an electronic brochure of static information while the latter is what should be able to quickly articulate your unique message, compel the visitor to take a designated action and qualify them as an interested prospect.

A lot of times, it’s as much about what you don’t do as what you do. This can be especially true of your marketing website. There is a considerable amount of  things that can send visitors running away from your marketing website.

Marketing Website Issues

  1. No Clear Objective – According to you’ve got about 4 seconds to show what your site is all about before they leave.
  2. Your Content Isn’t Scannable – Web viewers read in chunks, and if they can’t scan your page and get it in a few seconds, you may have lost them!
  3. Not Being Mobile Ready – Mobile is no longer an extra, as according to Google half of all web traffic is now mobile.
  4. Not Using Videos On Your Website – Most of us have video cameras in our phones–so there’s no excuse for not having video on your website!
  5. No Updated, Quality Content – If your content articles are from Bush’s first term, it’s no surprise they’re fleeing! Also no fancy fonts or ridiculously long pages.
  6. Hard-to-find Contact Information – Make sure we can contact you if we want to!
  7. Not Collecting Emails or Newsletter Signups – You do plan to be in business for the long haul, right?
  8. Not Utilizing Title and Description Meta tags on your website – These can help you to get indexed and ranked on the internet.
  9. Lack of Social Sharing buttons – Like it or not, having your site be shareable on social sites is where the party is, so get over it!
  10. No or Poor Calls-to-Action – You want an action from your visitors; ask for it!
  11. Poor site navigation – Stay away from drop down menus, and be sure that all pages on your website include links back to your home page.
  12. Not Optimizing Images – You need to use the ALT and TITLE attributes for any images you post.
  13. Overuse of Flash – Besides being a pain for the GoogleBot to read, it can be very irritating to your visitors.
  14. No Way to Measure Your Progress – Do you have some form of web metrics measuring your stats? If not, you’re flying blind.
  15. “Intro” pages – These are relics of an past age, and now obstruct your site content.

Use this checklist for your Marketing Website to ensure it works for you and not against you.

To Your Success!

Luke Harlan
Marketing Strategist

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