How to Optimize Images for Your Web Pages

How to Optimize Images for Your Web Pages

When was the last time you thought about optimizing your web images? That’s what I thought. However, flippancy aside, leaving them un-optimized can significantly hurt your site in a number of ways.

It can have a real impact on your site’s SEO performance, as well as the benefits that optimized images can bring your way.

For these reasons alone, it’s high time to look at making sure your images are optimized. Here are 5 easy ways to help with that!

5 Doable tips for optimizing your web page images

Keep your image files smallish This is among the easiest and best favors you can do for your page. Large image files can take eons to load on the page, causing annoyance, abandonment, and lost sales. Amazon calculated that each second lost while their images load costs them $1.6 billion per year!

Use keywords in your image filenames This is an easy one to execute, yet many don’t think of it. Not only is this a major on-page SEO item, it will help Google figure out where and for what keyword to rank your pages. Enough said?

Take care with your ALT tags Make sure you likewise optimize your image ALT tags (sometimes called ALT text) with associated keywords. This is how Google determines whether or not your images show up in the search or image results, so be sure to tag every image on your site!

Use JPEGs when possible JEPGs are now the de-facto image filetype on the Web, and you should make use of them whenever you can. They provide the best quality with the smallest file size. PNG files should be your second choice, with GIFs your last.

Employ a Google Image Sitemap Located in Google Webmaster Tools, you can deploy an Image Sitemap to help Google find, index and otherwise categorize your imagery, thus enhancing your chances of having those images seen in Google images and search. A handy and Google-friendly way to optimize!

Luke Harlan
Marketing Strategist

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