The Perfect Client Thank You – Use Social Media

Thanking your Clients via Social Media is a Smart Thing to do!

One great idea that is definitely under-utilized is the practice of using social media to thank your clients and customers. Not only is the social media real estate free, it’s immediate, and can have a monstrous reach if done well.

One more advantage being whispered about lately, is that even non-linked social mentions will be the recipients of some Google love in the search results.

To help you get the idea machine started, here are 7 fantastic ways for you to show your appreciation to your clients via social media!

7 Ways to thank your clients using social media

Twitter Giving your client a shout out on Twitter can be a terrific way to show your appreciation. This works well with links and images of the work, and can lead to more work if you have a large following.

Use the review functions on LinkedIn LinkedIn is ideal for this sort of activity, since the audience there is already predisposed to hearing about business professionals.

Leave on online review Leaving a review on a site like Yelp can help both you and your client! All small businesses need online citations in the form of reviews.

Use Facebook Posting about them on your Facebook business page can bring the news to a lot of people quickly.

Record a Testimonial for YouTube Leaving a nicely done video testimonial is a great way to thank someone. And, if you can show their work, do it! This can help them in search as well.

Employ Pinterest Using Pinterest to share this type of news can work exceptionally well also. Pinterest users are primarily female, and not afraid to buy.

Write about them in your newsletter Writing a short piece in your company newsletter is a terrific way to shine the spotlight on them and show your thanks.

Luke Harlan
Marketing Strategist

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